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About the Owner

Why George Driving School?

29 Years of
Advance Safety Tips & Precautions
Comprehensive Learning Goals
Preparation for Driving Exam

Learning Goals

My technique is to help each individual gain safe driving skills and make safe driving decisions. I will constantly evaluate your skills and decisions and help prepare you for the next step. At the end of each driving session I will evaluate your performance and determine what areas you need to practice more.

Pre-driving Habits
Vehicle Familiarization.
Vehicle Controls
Starting, Stopping, Braking and Turning.
Vehicle Maneuvers
Three Point, Two Point and U-Turns.
Rural Driving
Lane Changing
Checking mirrors, Blind Spot and using Turn Signals.
City Driving
Intersections and Pedestrians.
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You can start finding out how to become a safe driver today. Fill in your information on the link below and I will contact you as soon as possible.



1400 Battleground Ave Suite 120-H
Greensboro, N.C. 27408

Tel: (336) 707-4150

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